The purpose of CADC is to develop, encourage, and foster local agriculture and farming activity. The CADC Large Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (MPPU) and Small Mobile Poultry Processing Unit (SMPU) are volunteer-managed assets which make mobile poultry equipment available to local farmers for an affordable fee.

Our goal is to encourage local for-profit and personal sustenance poultry farming with these assets. The MPPU has been in use for several years, and due to increased demand we purchased the SMPU in 2015 to facilitate processing of small numbers of birds/rabbits and those for on-farm sales or personal use.

The MPPU is approved by WSDA for off-farm sales of poultry and rabbits processed in the unit. The MPPU must be towed by a minimum 3/4-ton truck. The reservation deposit and minimum fee is $40.

The SMPU is approved by WSDA for on-farm sales only of poultry and rabbits processed in the unit. The SMPU is a set of equipment that may be hauled in a pickup truck bed. Due to the demand for the MPPU by larger producers and the extent of work involved in its use, we recommend use of the SMPU for small flocks and for birds processed for personal use only. The reservation deposit and minimum fee is $40.

Below are the MPPU/SMPU Rental Guidelines which, if observed, will optimize the rental process and ensure a good experience for all those who benefit from this program.

  • The MPPU and SMPU are available on a first come first served basis. To reserve, contact the manager, Pete Thompson: Home 509-935-8141, Cell 509-675-5574, email
  • Date requests must be made in writing – email is best, and texting is acceptable.
  • In the event of date conflict, priority goes to licensed poultry processors first, then by largest quantity of birds to be processed.
  • Each user will participate in a live setup, operation, cleanup, and transfer class before renting either unit. This is conducted three times each year – May, July, and September. Contact the manager to find the next available date.
  • The rental price for MPPU/SMPU use is $1.25 per bird for chickens and $x.00 per bird for turkeys. Processing rates for other animals are arranged on an individual basis. The $40 rental deposit will be applied toward the fee, with a minimum charge of $40 per use period.
  • Normal rental period is two full days: pickup and setup on the first day, operation and cleanup on the second day, refuel and transfer on the day following.
  • For health reasons, a thorough cleanup must immediately follow operations without delay or exception.
  • Renters are encouraged to coordinate directly with each other for transfer of the MPPU. The manager will pass contact information along.
  • Transfer of the unit should be done at a mutually agreed ‘halfway’ point.
  • If transfer is not scheduled for several days after use, one of the renters must agree to keep the unit in their possession – it should not be left unattended.
  • The renter receiving the unit is responsible for performing a partial inspection at time of transfer: propane, hygiene, inventory, trailer function. If there is a discrepancy it should be discussed and if possible resolved on the spot.
  • A full operational rundown of the unit should be done at setup. If a repair or replacement is needed it must be brought to the attention of the manager.
  • Minor repairs or replacements are the responsibility of MPPU/SMPU users, who may ask for a discount of rental fees in return for materials or parts.
  • Users must not adjust thermostats or alter equipment without permission of the manager.

After confirming a reservation date with Pete Thompson, you may pay your $40 deposit by credit card or PayPal by clicking on the appropriate button below. You will be linked to our PayPal account.
LARGE MPPU RESERVATION (WSDA-approved for off-farm sales)


  SMALL SMPU RESERVATION (WSDA-approved for on-farm sales only)