Need a Processor for Your Poultry?

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It’s really exciting to see so many local small farms and backyards with flocks of meat chickens and turkeys! We’ve heard of everything from “just a few in the backyard” to the hundreds of birds raised by some of our market producers.

Our CADC mobile processing unit has been steadily booked for the poultry production season. Many of us with small batches of poultry do our own processing on the farm. But did you know there’s another option?

Kummer Farms in Deer Park processes poultry weekly from April through mid-November. In a WSDA-approved poultry processing unit, an efficient team does a quick job of getting chickens, turkeys, and game birds ready for your freezer. Poultry is processed on most Thursdays; call by Monday to get on the schedule for the week.

Chickens $3.75 per bird.
Turkeys: $10.00 for up to 10# bird; .60 per pound additional for over 10#.

  • Schedule by phone call by the Monday prior to your desired processing date.
  • There is no minimum number of birds per order. Special arrangements may be made for batches of 150 or more birds.
  • Live poultry should be delivered to Kummer Farms on Wednesday evening, or by 8 AM on the day of processing.
  • Kummer Farms does not process ducks, geese, or rabbits.

For more info or to schedule a processing date, call Kummer Farms at 509-999-3469.